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bamboo window shades for sliding glass doors

Why people choose bamboo for so many things? The reason is simple. Bamboo is a very durable material, it is more flexible than wood and it stands different weather conditions. So, no wonder that people like bamboo right? In fact even the interior designers and manufacturers are also using this material in so many of their products such as the bamboo window shades. The bamboo products are made into both modern and traditional styles. Bamboo may be of more Asian, but it does make an elegant product which is also functional.

In recent years, there are just so many interior designers who can see the appeal of bamboo and all of them agree that this eco friendly product makes a great window covering. Bamboo is eco friendly because as a grass, it can grow so fast. That replanting these plants would not take so many years just like the wooden materials that may take even more than two decades. The bamboo window shades can add to a more ethic ambiance to a room but at the same time they can blend with different types of decorations. Even bamboo looks a bit delicate but do not let this fool you as its durability is beyond some wood.

The bamboo window shades are just one of the manufacturer’s product because they usually create may types of furniture too. This is also partly because of the eco-friendliness of the bamboo that makes it even cheaper; moreover, it has its distinctive ambience, not like most of the wood which is more natural and only creating ambience when it is turned into a certain style with certain finishing. But almost none of them bring about certain atmosphere that attached to their presence.

The versatility of the bamboo does not end with its various styles. It has the ability to withstand even the most extreme weather, but it does not mean that bamboo does not belong to the indoor too. Many interior designers with its popular bamboo window shades have already proved it. Bamboo is just great when placed inside.

If bamboo does not cost a lot and it can be highly durable, so why not try it? After all, it is about time that we switch to a more eco friendly material then wood. The demand of wood has highly decreased the number of much needed woods in the forests that is caused by illegal logging. Bamboo is a great alternative and let star with the bamboo window shades for their function as well as decoration.

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