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Modern open space living room

Modern open space living room

Open Space Living Room Style

Living room isn’t only a place where you can gather around with your family or your friend. This is also a place where you can spend most of your time to relax. To create these kinds of living room, you need to use right design. One of great design or style you can use for your living room is Modern open space living room. This is unique living room design. You can create great room where you can relax with this design. If you want to use this design, there are few things you need to know.

The Lighting

The most important thing in open space living room is the lighting. The lighting will affect the wide space effect that you want to create in this style. Like its name, Modern open space living room, you need to create open space in living room. Therefore, lot of natural lighting source is needed here. Use big size windows that let the sun light shine into your living room. This isn’t only creating open space effect in your living room, but, this is also good for your health. It also can save more energy, especially electrical energy for lighting and heating. Beside windows, you also can use glass door.

The Garden

The other most important thing in Modern open space living room is the area around your living room. Make sure that your living room location is near the exterior. So, the open space in your living room will be connected directly with exterior. And, if you plant lot of green plant or flower in that exterior area and make it as your garden, that’s the best thing you can do. Your living room isn’t only wide, but, the garden that connected directly with your living room will make the air inside your living room become healthier and fresh. The natural touch from garden also creates relaxing effect in your living room.

The Furniture

You also need to use modern style furniture, that’s obvious. However, make sure that you use small or short type furniture. The big and tall type furniture will be like room divider. And, you don’t want it for your Modern open space living room. It will limit the area inside your living room and it can make the open space effect disappear. So, actually, it’s easy to create open space living room. You also can use classic furniture, if you want to create classic open space living room.

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